Friday, February 27, 2009

Tagged for a Photo

Found out yesterday that I got tagged by Amy, for this 4th folder, 4th photo game.
The tag works as such: post the fourth picture in the fourth folder on my computer and write about it.

My 4th folder happens to be 'Photographs', luckily. (Had it been the 3rd folder, it would be 'Home Videos'.)
In it, the 4th sub-folder is ... 'Boston August 2007'.
And the 4th photo is...
If you want to see it...

The Hubs
About this photo:
Taken in August, 2007. We took a little road trip to Boston and Maine, 5 hours north of us.
Midway through Mystic, Connecticut, we stopped by an Indian restaurant for lunch. This photo was taken while waiting for the food... Mmm. Indian food.

Here's more from this road trip:

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