Friday, February 13, 2009

Bouquet on Friday the 13th.

Went to the doctor, the doctor said, " You have low blood pressure. The best life insurance. "
From the doctor's, this little piggy went to the supermarket. When I got home, I saw this at my door...
Forget the groceries. I had to run into the apartment to grab the camera!

A bouquet with my name on it. How sweet; it is from The Hubs who is now in Chiang Mai. 7 more days to go.

Another reason to smile on this day:

Rucola seeds have sprouted!
We are trying to grow us some Kefe Norli peas, Rucola, and Tomatoes.

It's a nice Friday, isn't it?


  1. What a beautiful bouquet of roses. What a nice hubby you have. :D I went to check out your etsy store. You have gorgeous jewelry. I'll definitely be back to snoop around some more.

  2. Oh yes, and the risotto looks so delicious... Do you have a recipe? ;)

  3. OOooooooooooo, who knew the Gor is so romantic?

  4. I know. Totally unexpected!
    This was the first! In 8 years!

    (And before I read the card, I thought it might have been from a girlfriend of mine... Shame on me.)


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