Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Project Fluffy's World, episode 2

Episode 2: Breakfast

It is 7am. Humans awake.

Where's my hot breakfast?!?

Come on come on come on now.
Why does it take such a bloody long time?

Tune in next week, Feb.17 for Episode 3 of Project Fluffy's World.

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  1. Flully is so cute! I love cats :-)
    Elvis (my cat) is getting ready for our trip, poor thing... At least he'll get to come with us in the cabin.

  2. Oh! You are SO LUCKY to have Elvis with you. Which airline is that :)
    No matter how, we couldn't get Fluffy with us in the cabin -- he is too large :(
    Poor baby had to suffer in Cargo.

  3. Yes, I guess we are lucky to have a small cat. SWISS allows pets in the cabin as long as they weight no more than 8kg, container included. It will be a long trip though, he will be in the container for about 20 hours :(

  4. Oh my gosh... poor little thing... 2.3 minutes is such a verrrryyy looooong time to wait! She looks underfed poor thing! I also have two underfed little furballs who greet me when I get up, when I leave the bathroom, when I come home! Any door closing between them and myself is a reason to hurtle themselves at me when that door opens! I love cats!

  5. :D
    Oh no, Leslie, Fluffy is a 15-pound rugby ball shaped cat from overeating!
    The videos you see were taken last year, and his breakfast took exceptionally long. These days, he doesn't even meow anymore. Maybe just once :D
    Don't forget, he gets warm dinner as well, PLUS a free flow of kibbles whenever and however he likes it.


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