Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Project Fluffy's World, episode 1

Episode 1: Introduction

Everyone, meet Fluffy, the king of the house.

You always make me look like a whale.

Go away.

What do you want.

Tune in next week, Feb. 10 for Episode 2 of Project Fluffy's World.


  1. That's it. We are going to have to do something together soon... we need to get you out of the house! :) I was thinking of going to the Broccoli House on Saturday, you up for it? Just a quick trip, early Saturday, perhaps we meet at Starbucks again for (overpriced) coffee first? I need to pick up some things for my new garden... :)

  2. Awh? You don't think Fluffy deserves some airtime? Just once a week, is all he asks :)

  3. Fluffy could be Starbuck's twin if he were all black and evil like Starbuck is.. though theyt are both of the whale family and not really cats at all.


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