Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Medical Help in Zürich

° Doctors = Ärzte :
You could do a search using your PLZ ( Postleitzahl / Postal Code ) for a doctor near you. does not stop at "Allegemeinärzte" ( General Practitioners ).
They also provide lists of Dentists "Zahnärzte" and medical specialists.
Go on, and do a search.

But why stop at just Doctors and Dentists?

° Tierärzte = Veterinarians :
It provides a list of 170 animal clinics.
I narrowed my options down using the "Find" function available in the "Edit" menu bar in the browser window, "Find"ing my 4-digit postal code.
But you already knew that, right?

° Most clinics -- it might be safe for me to say all clinics -- operate only during office hours, and require you to make an appointment.

° But if you happen to be unwell between 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.,
and the situation is dire,
Permanence can help.

" PERMANENCE HAUPTBAHNHOF ZURICH is the fist private medical station in Zurich which provides urgent out patient care for local residents of the Zurich area and for tourists without prior appointments. Located on Bahnhofplatz in the central railway station building it is open on an outpatient basis every day (including weekends and holidays) of the year from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. A large pharmacy (Bahnhofapotheke) is connected door to door with Permanence, so that patients can get the prescribed drugs without delay."

° For Emergencies & Accidents:
Taken from Zürich Relocation,
" valid for all of Switzerland:
117 Police (Polizeinotruf)118 Fire (Feuermeldestelle)144 Emergency (medical assistance)140 Road Assistance (vehicle breakdown)
The Emergency Center in Zurich is a 24-hour referral service with English-speaking operators and provides medical advice and house calls 24 hours a day.The phone number is 044 421 21 21."

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  1. Very wise indeed to keep a list of doctors, dentists and vets handy!
    But i'd add to your list: hairdressers, nail spa and beautician for those emergency beauty needs...HA!
    But that's just me being me :)

  2. :)
    I should also plan on making a list of asian supermarkets in Zürich! But I don't think many will be interested...

  3. Great information, thanks. I would also like to recommend the Gesundheitszentrum in Baden. Receptionists and doctors speak English as it is associated with ABB and Alstom, two large international companies. But anyone can go there.

  4. That's also good to know, Swiss Miss.
    And it doesn't look too far from the Bahnhof, for people like me without a private transport.

  5. Just reading back through your posts and really glad to find the Permanence link. I still have not gotten a regular doctor in Zürich. Thanks for posting.


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