Friday, January 30, 2009

My Work Room at its Best.

Click on image to Enlarge.

Some good things came out of the craft fair.
And one of them was to "Tidy Up / Decorate" the space.

A reminder of the few things I have to see through:

Have to stop buying yarn!

Note to those Allergic to Cats:
Fluffy doesn't care about my things and work.
Something about the rug puts him off.
He may quietly sit and watch me from that spot
for 5 minutes, not longer,
because I am just so boring to him.
He would rather be sleeping.

(Apart from food, nothing interests him.)

So? A little better than the Before state, hopefully.


  1. Your room looks great... mine is such a mess... we have our fake xmas tree in there... and one half is for sewing and the other half has my computer... and there are shelves loaded with tons of stuff. One of the things I'll do when I retire is CLEAN MY ROOM!

  2. Leslie, my work space is now on Idle/Rest mode... Wait till I start working on something again -- that's when the whole mess cycle begins!

  3. Hi Juanita... got your blog comment about The Wrestler and yes... for some weird reason it was an interesting and touching film... but he was such an IDIOT... a very weak man... so my sympathies were more for his daughter than for him... glad you saw it.

  4. wow that is tidy.. much more tidy than my work space is at the moment and I'm not even working on anything.. though I should be. I only have one small box of yarn.. and I only ever knit quite randomly at best.

  5. wow this is beautiful! I can't wait until I have my own home I would do something like this as well! have my own little room where I can sew and create things, paint, do photography etc. It looks so fun! I love your work, it's gorgeous! ;)


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