Monday, January 5, 2009

A Quiet End to 2008

After a week's stay at home, Hubs thought we deserved a little outdoor adventure.
Armed with a backpack full of tissues, we faced the blistering cold and found our way to Rheinfall, at Neuhausen, near Schaffhausen. ( Because we missed a Bavarian Christmas, that was the closest we got to Germany. )

While nursing the cold, we had a Six Feet Under 5-series marathon. Great series, although I felt season 3 was slightly less-interesting. Save for the New Year's Eve fireworks, it really was a quiet, cold last 2 weeks of 2008.

On 01.01, we set foot outdoors again, and checked out the aftermath of the New Year celebrations.
They sure do love fireworks.

This is Irchel Park, some few minutes away from home.

At 10am in the morning, it was peaceful.

Up for another adventure for that 01.01.2009 morning. we took a hike in Zürichberg.

Once again, nothing but silence, the sounds of snow shuffling under our feet, and snow falling on our heads.

Then all of a sudden, a dog came over to greet us!

How about that -- the really busy lakeside downtown Zürich looking so tiny from Zürichberg.

Yes, I did say it was a quiet holiday season at home. And a cold one, too.

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