Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Traffic stopping Backpack

This is a story about how I made a backpack:
It all started with this happy-print cloth Rima gave me. Such happy colours -- I knew I had to make a bag out of it. Also, in a round of Brockiland shopping, I gathered this bunch of zippers with no purpose in mind.
(You always need zippers, just in case.)

So you know how an idle mind is a devil's playground... I looked at this chucked aside, never-to-be-worn long sleeve shirt, and a light bulb lit. Let's make a backpack!

Made a 'pattern' with simple rectangular newspapers, and cut the cloths to size.

I had steps rehearsed in my head before I fell asleep each night. This bag had to be done in layers. There was lots of zipper sewing, tucking in seams, and pinning "3-dimensional" clothes into place.

Nothing was measured and marked in place, as you can tell.

But I put the well-rehearsed sewing steps to use, and started to see a 3-dimensional form take place.
All seams quadruply sewn, the backpack was finally complete on the 3rd day! 21. Oct.2008, to be exact.

It turned out bigger than planned, and I was glad to have pockets on each side.

Here's that shirt pocket. It is going to useful for that pen and mobile phone.

I think I'm all set to stop the traffic with this big and bright backpack.


  1. that is AMAZING! you are quite brilliant!

  2. That is awesome. You did a bang up job.

    Not cheezy at all! :)

  3. This is truly beautiful. A piece of art. From a mere fabric to this lovely work....

  4. Oh my god!!! It's so pretty!!!! You're so clever!

    I want to learn how to sew!


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