Friday, October 10, 2008

O, the Grand Old Duke of York

Friend Tracey thought the best way to put a smile on a face in this cold season was to have some Yorkshire tea and comfort food, a.k.a. Yorkshire Fest.

A nice brew of Yorkshire tea (yes, with milk please) served in some fancy china from Scotland...

Mm-mm. Those Yorkshire puddings and Toad-in-a-holes,
yummy roasted potatoes with a generous splash of onion gravy.
That was comfort food.

Vanilla custard, *drool*, with warm baked apple and almond pudding. Mm-mm.

I loved this Yorkshire fest. Puts a smile on my face just recollecting these flavours,
and the enjoyable company we shared that afternoon.

Incidentally, Tracey's from York. I wonder what gave that away?


  1. we were just in york the weekend before last.. We didn't have any tea though, I'm not a tea drinker unless I'm feeling poorly. we did have a nice walk around and coffee at Betty's tea rooms though. Its one of my favourite cities.

  2. mmmm hmmm - that yorkshire tea is GOOD!


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