Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Me and my Mee Siam

I love Mee Siam. It has been over a year since my last Mee Siam fix.
Found a recipe online, trotted to a few asian stores here in Z├╝rich, and lugged home jars and heaps of condiments. After 2 hours of chopping and stirring and mixing and frying, homemade Mee Siam.

What makes a Mee Siam?
Gravy, fried vermicelli, and garnishing.

I'm not sure if my mother would be fond of this, but The Hubs and I declared this a success. The kind of cooking success that would plaster a wide grin on my face. I know, nobody likes a show-off. (But it was good!)

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  1. that looks really delicious! I don't think there is even a chinese store round here anymore.. there used to be a chinese supermarket in Derby but that shut a year or two ago, and the little Thai stall in the market shut down a few weeks ago.


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