Monday, October 27, 2008

Chicken in a Cucumber - recipe

The Hubs got back from DC on Sunday morning.
That called for a special Sunday lunch,
so I re-created Dao's cucumber chicken soup.

My steps:
'Mince' 2 chicken breast fillets.
(How about this handsome mezzaluna from Brockiland?)

Dice a carrot, and boil it in some water.
Peel 2 cucumbers, divide them, and 'tunnel' out the seeds with a butter knife.

Season and mix minced chicken with:
roast garlic + soy sauce + fish sauce + black pepper.
(Dao's version included Chinese celery roots!)

Stuff the cucumber rings generously.
(I used all of the chicken.)

Dao's version required the use of Chinese Celery. I used the cousin, Italian Parsley.

Add into the boiling water:
a chopped onion, the parsley, the chicken-in-cucumbers, fish + soy sauces + pepper to taste.
Add more water, if needed.

Boil, then simmer until onions and cucumbers are tender. About 30min, or more.

I had a pot of cooked rice, so I added that in and made it into soupy rice.

It was a hit.
You know it is a hit when The Hubs asks for more helpings until there is none left.
(I know -- that was 2 large cucumbers and chicken fillets, and rice, tucked into our bellies!)


  1. Yum.

    By the way, that mezzaluna looks like it could split hairs. Have you tried it per chance? If so, I would call that a real bar-jin. Yes indeedy. ;)

    Ps. When are you taking me out again?

  2. I love everything cucumber and after being with my Korean friends, I realized that everything goes well with it. :)


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