Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blogger Blind Date: Luzern with Jessica.

A blind date is a blind date. My blind date was Jessica, of Instead of meeting at a cafeteria for just an ordinary cappuccino, resourceful Jessica had suggested going to The Cheese(!) Fest(!) at Luzern. Absolutely. She had me at Cheese.
Luzern would have worked just as well.

A little apprehensive about spending an hour's train ride with a total stranger (Oh no, what if she uses one too many 'genau's? Is she psycho? What if I'm moody?), it turned out real fine. No, Jessica's not psycho. In fact, she's really nice. So nice that she gave me her favourite Austrian made chocolate wafers as a belated birthday present. (Still, shame on me for not having thought of exchanging a Blind Date Gift!)

As you know, put 2 bloggers, and they do what bloggers like to do:
Take pictures!

Here's the pretty, picture perfect Luzern.
And what a lovely Saturday it was!

Luzern with Jessica

Yes, we did say Cheese Fest, but we got distracted with the vibrant market that was next to the bridge.
And the tea boutique L'art du the, of which I shouldn't speak about anymore.
Lovely Autumn colours, isn't it?

Luzern with Jessica
Hungry for cheese, we sniffed our way to a modest cheese fest.
(White tents are always a clue.)

We salivated over warm raclette...

Luzern with Jessica
... and waited in line for ours!
It was my first raclette, ever.
No kidding.

Luzern with Jessica
Yup, this is Jessica.

Luzern with Jessica

And because I'm kind of "returning the favour",and promised to plaster her face all over my blog, here's one more.
Luzern with Jessica 

How's that for a height difference?

I do need more pictures of Jessica to call it "plastering", but I guess I wasn't feeling too paparazzi that morning. That's all folks, I'm out.

So, I bet you'd have had a blogger blind date as well. Tell the world all about it. And if you haven't had a blogger blind date, why not?


  1. tea boutique???? sounds like a wonderful day out

    love the photo of you two gals out having fun - you look very happy in the sunshine

  2. Nice. I am officially plastered. I love how you keep using the photo that makes me look like a giant... :) It is all just a strange camera angle, that is all!

    So does this mean you are going to cheat on me already and go out with other bloggers? I am not sure I am ok with that. :)

  3. Memories are now gushing back to me, my hubby and I were in Luzern for our honeymoon 11 years ago. I'm envious that you live there. So beautiful and clean!


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