Monday, September 8, 2008

Expat Expo, Zurich, 07.Sep.2008

Did you make it to the 3rd Expat Expo yesterday?

With 2 friends, we nibbled on those gorgeous cookie and brownie samples from Peace Foods ... Tasted wines from Delkap, and unanimously enjoyed 1712. Did you stop by The Cheese Club counter for some cheese samples?

There were American clubs, British clubs, beer, Toastmasters, election campaign stands, business school counters, "manage your wealth" stands... many of which I breezed by. I did stop by at the Mary Kay booth to sample the hand moisturiser, and enter my name for a lucky draw too, ha ...

We also helped ourselves to jams-on-crackers from Time for Tea.
(They were giving out free fudge samples!)

And hello, how can you not swoon over those pretty Polish Pottery?

At the end of that hour, or two, we each walked out of the expo with a paper-bag full of "stuff".
What was in your bag?


  1. Darn it! I knew I should have gone to the Expo. It was on my schedule but at the last minute we could not bear to go out in the rainy, rainy weather. I am glad you blogged about it though as I was interested in how it was. I will definately check into those brownies and do tell more about the wine!

    Thanks again. Jessica. ;)

  2. Hey Jessica,
    The weather wasn't nice at all, and it was good thinking that the Expo was held indoors.
    As for the wine, I am no expert on wines, except to know that there is Red, White, and "Pink" (Rosa).
    We tasted just a few: Pinotage, and a few other blends of names I don't remember. Sorry! I am useless at such fancy things, ha.


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