Friday, August 15, 2008

End August - Back to Blog

Hi, this is Juanita not-a-tortilla, reporting live from Affoltern in Zürich.

You've missed me, haven't you?
(Say you did. I know you did.)

The August headlines in brief:

Part 1 of Basic German ended with snacks and champagne

Hubs and I moved, and played house

Puffy rugs were made with crochet hooks and acrylic yarn

We hosted a movie night, inviting Hub's colleagues

Accumulation of things have begun

That was a quick update.

We're off to Erice, Sicily, next week.
See you next week.
Bis nächste Woche.


  1. Just when I was wondering what happened to you...
    Happy playing home! The rugs are stunning.

  2. I have missed you! Welcome back!

  3. I DID miss you. Glad you are back (only to leave again!) great rugs...


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