Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It is Mid 2008, already?

It was just in:
  • January, that I tried to learn to ski, but concluded that it isn't for me.
  • February, that it snowed, and I decided on a new hair-do.
  • March, had that long-drawn flu, and started selling our possessions to the college community.
  • April, we celebrated Husband's 4-year journey's end as a Ph.D. student, and packed up our bags.
  • May, we hightailed out of New Jersey, and landed safely in Zürich with our Jersey boy, Fluffy.
Now June! That's where we are, in the middle of it.
How did it go?
I spent the first 2 weeks travelling with my in-laws;
there was fun dressing up for Husband's graduation ceremonies (yes, 2 days) back in Princeton,
followed by a brief look at the Swiss Alps.
Brief? Yup, it was rainy and cloudy, 3 out of the 4 days we were there.
Zürich's weather did not behave its best, too.
But, it was fun, with loads of Chinese food tucked in our tummies.
And shopping! Courtesy of my in-laws.

What next?
There is the Summer 3-week Deutsch Intensiv course that is supposed to take place,
in July.
The June 16th class -that I signed up for- has been cancelled, due to low numbers.
Now, if there are just 7 more of you interested in learning German,
pretty please sign up for the Summer one, so we can get on with it!

I aim to arm myself with some basic German,
so I will be ready to face my non-English-speaking Swiss landlord and landlady,
this August!
Yes, we move, again, to a 3-room, this August.

Then there will be September.
And October, where I turn 30.
Then November, to face the Autumn chills.
And finally, December, to wonder where Time went to.


  1. What a great, buzy, fun-filled year!

  2. OH my... you are far away now! Lucky you... Switzerland is so beautiful... not to mention the chocolate! Is there a lot of wonderful chocolate there to be had? Maybe one of us should have a chocolate swap!!! Have fun with the swans, soccer and ice cream!


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