Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Exploring the city in the past 5 hot days

Last Thursday:
It was bright and warm.
So, I went to town to take a walk.
Typical of my nature,
I got lost.*

But, look at that, pretty purple shutters.

I headed up-slope, and landed on a "fort".

Yikes. I didn't want to be there.
That was where I wanted to go -- the area near the church with twin towers.

It was 10 past noon, and children were out from school and they played by the fountain.

I succeeded in reaching near where I wanted to be.

And then, I browsed through shops in the old town.

Last Friday:
I was introduced to a modest little morning market,
a block away... Just 5, or 6 stalls that provided the essential good stuff.
(Milchbuchstrasse. Station: Guggachstrasse)

I had my eye on the last skewer of marinated prawns,
and with the help of a German-speaking companion,
I also took the last 4 handsome fresh scallops off the fish seller's hands.
Yay for freshness!

Last Saturday:

Look what we picked up outside a tobacco shop.
Perfect for accessories. (Or sewing kit?)

The Hubs and I did the touristy thing of hopping on a boat, by the river.
It was a short round-trip, lasting a little over an hour.

This is so much a 3x zoom camera can do;
but you can most definitely see the snow-peaked mountains from where we sat.
(And from the city too, right, Z├╝richers?)

Hot chips on-board...

Last Sunday:
Walked to a Starbucks, to meet up with the few ladies for Stitch-N-Bitch. Spotted no one.
A day like that might have been better spent doing an outdoor activity, perhaps.
Dehydrated, and oh-so-hot, we rounded Sunday evening with a yogurty parfait.
Fluffy was curious, and tempted by the chilly glass.

OK, so I said 5 days.
That includes yesterday, Monday.
I spent the afternoon weaving in and out shops along Bahnhofstrasse,
notably H&M and Tally Weijl.
What was I thinking -- shopping in the dead heat of noon?
But a happy shopper I was;
bringing home 2 linen shirts for The Hubs,
and the cummerbund-belt I had been chasing down, for just 5 CHF!!!

* About getting lost:
Hubs and I were strolling along town.

Me: "So familiar. Which part (of town) are we?"

Hubs: "How can you not know?"

Me: "I can come here everyday, and still get lost. Every day's a new day for me."

Hubs: "Then walk more."

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