Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Wonderland called Brocki-Land

So, I met a few lovely ladies of Stitch'N'Bitch at Starbucks, last Friday morning.

One of the ladies brought to my attention, this place called Brockiland;
Sarah (with-or-without-an-H) pricked my ears when she spoke of having bought baking dishes + pots + balls of yarn (and even advised me to bring my own shopping trolley), from Brockiland.
I had to go see it for myself now, shouldn't I?

I did just that, this Tuesday morning.
Brockiland was a mere 30-minute tram-and-bus ride away.

So, I sit here on this Tuesday afternoon, on *everybody's* lunch break in our itty-bitty-studio apartment (oh, how almost everything here closes for lunch) to Show-N-Tell my morning's excursion to Brockiland!

Here is where you begin your spiral down to the basement of Brockiland:

It is one huge flea market.

Hmm. I have enough needles, thanks!

This new Dim Sum steamer first caught my eye!
But I really shouldn't start hoarding things...

I am in Basket Heaven.

I could spend all day admiring each hand-painted wooden plate...

... are you into buttons?
(I am not. Not yet.)

So, after 45 minutes of rummaging in the organised basement full of secondhand goods,
I took home:
- a 3" deep glass dish
- 9 balls of cotton yarn + 1 row counter for knitting.

I had to walk out of Brockiland with a huge grin on my face.
It was all for 5 CHF.
That's why!

*This* is my kind of retail therapy!

The cotton yarn has little slubs, and I might make a wispy wrap/shawl with them.


  1. Me, me. I am into buttons.. I love all kinds.

    What fun you are having...

  2. oooooh, Brockiland sounds just fantastic...I wnt to go there NOW
    glad you are having fun, nice to hear you have already hooked up with the zurich S'n'B gang

  3. Take me with you..... seriously. Next time. Date.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I have to say, we do seem to have a lot in common.

    1. I love Etsy. Looks like you love Etsy.
    2. I love tea... you drink it like water.
    3. We live in Zurich.
    4. I love cooking, crafts, and baking....

    Need I say more? Where have you been all my life? ;) Anyway, please do keep in touch and I'll be checking in now to see what you're up to so that I can follow you around. ;) Brocki's here I come!

    All the best!


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