Monday, May 5, 2008

Fluffy made it to Zürich, on 02.May.2008

We rented a car to transport our 6 bags (and ourselves).

10:00 AM - Removed Fluffy's water and food in the house.
(No food and water 4 hours before animal's flight.)

2:00 PM - Fluffy was securely sandwiched between 2 bags, for the 50-minute drive to the airport.

He wasn't quite aware of what was happening.
But when he did, he was mewing and scratching the bottom of the kennel.
Poor thing. He was trying to find a way out.

4:00 PM - checked Fluffy in the animal service.

6.30 PM - we boarded the plane.

8:30 PM - the plane finally took off. Yes, after a 2 hour wait in airport traffic.

After a 7 hr 20 min flight, we landed at Zürich, 9:30 AM Swiss time.
Fluffy would have been starving for over 11 hours now.

After 3 hours of running between counters, waiting around, and asking for assistance, we discovered that May 1st was a public holiday, with no vet. in the airport to certify and release the cat.
There was nothing we could do, but leave Fluffy at the airport, and walk away with a heavy heart.

8:30 AM - Made a few run-around's between the freight centre, vet., and customs.
We reunited with our cat, at ~10 AM.

Fluffy's first night in Zürich was spent at the airport.
He must have felt we had him surrendered to a shelter.

Poor boy.
But look, Fluffy, you took the bus...
and the tram...

... strangers admired you

... and we brought you the things you love.

You are in Switzerland, Fluffy!

P.S. It was a terrible idea lining the kennel with newspaper, especially with a white cat to lie on! Fluffy is now grey.


  1. happy landings! sorry to hear was so traumatic for Fluffy, but at least he is out now...hope Zurich is treating you well so far

  2. Welcome to Switzerland!! WOOHHOOO.


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