Friday, April 25, 2008

Vintage Swap - Received from Adele!

What a happy Friday.
The mail man brought me a package --
the much anticipated Vintage Swap surprise from Adele in Kent, U.K.

I loved opening the package, and feeling each and every card and gift tag!
Thank you so much!

They look so lusciously fabulous as a collection, and I probably can't bring myself to use them!


  1. mmm....lovely!

    Thanks so much for the extra vintage swap you sent me out of the blue - gorgeous. Have emailed you.

    Move must be coming up soon - good luck with that...and to Fluffy of course

  2. Woooho...its a package. I love postal mail.

  3. Oh Juanita, so glad it arrived safely and I DO hope you use it. That was the intention- even a few pics of you old home or your lovely cat!!!!

    Hope the move is going smoothly.

    love Dingle.x


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