Monday, March 17, 2008

T-shirt Trade. Vintage Swap. GreenTea Pawed.

A friend I made through Etsy, Teruyo, was really sweet to accept my request for a T-shirt designed by her, as a Token of Friendship.
In exchange for her creative talent and effort, she would like a humble little necklace of mine.
But I am going to send her a couple more surprises, noting that her favourite colours are Light Green, Red, and Yellow.
(Teruyo, the package should be arriving you shortly.)

Trade news aside:
The past days have been spent packing the past 4 years into suitcases.
You won't see it, but the wall on the other side of the room
is stacked 'To Giveaway' (a.k.a. curb side freebies).
Moving to another country is never glamorous, I can tell you that.

I have kept 3 boxes "live" to keep me sane the next few weeks --
(1) beads + jewelry; (2) knitting / crochet; (3) needles + thread.
Note: my sewing machine has been sold.

I have signed up for my first swap at Meridian Ariel ( Vintage Swap ),
so my mind is swamped with cute little ideas sans A Sewing Machine.
That is going to be interesting.

Now that the Mad Coughing has ceased,
I returned to my Normal Sunday Routine of baking.
Whisking batter by hand is my therapy.
Whisking cold butter + sugar is always the hardest part.

With all this talk of moving,
I am clearly a messy tray of mixed emotions.
(Couldn't even decide a flavour I was in the mood for.)

Yes Fluffy boy?! How did you get green?

Aw... I must have dripped a bit of green tea slush on the floor.
Such a cute baby.


  1. glad you managed to keep some stuff out to keep you sane...glad also the coughing has stopped - the cakes look delicious!

  2. Hi there swap partner!! (waves frantically!) I have been looking through your lovely goodies to try to get some idea of your likes and dislikes! This is my second swap so I am still quite nervous!!
    Chat soon, hope you are feeling better!

    love Dingle.xx


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