Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Of Pen-Pals, from Swaps to Cyber Pen-Pal-ing.

You must have had one or two (or more) Pen-Pals in your lifetime.

Now that you can transmit your thoughts with a keyboard, in a manner of 3 seconds, who lifts a pen to scribe, then wrap your message in an envelope, stamp it, and wait for the messenger (postman) to ride by your door anymore?

I plead guilty to slipping away from The Art of Personal Correspondence.

And then there are "blogs" -- you don't have to ask me how I am and how my day was;
my life is an open book.

Going from one blog to another, I found myself in a circle of crafters-who-blog-and-swap.
I have decided to get in on the fun.
My partner for this swap is Adele of Dilly Dally Dingle.

Partaking in my first swap organised by Meridian Ariel has brought me back to the days of Pen-Pal-ship, strangely.
Step 1- We have exchanged snail and electronic mail addresses.
Step 2- We went on to visit each others blogs, to Find Out More (or, "research").
Step 3- We will have a month to craft, then snail mail our swappies.

I am now made to look at my blog with a new perspective:

What does
your blog reveal about you?
Mine says nothing much, it seems.

I am a little nervous about this swap.

What are my Likes and Dislikes? My mind drew a blank, and it took me a while to gather the few basics of My Favourite Colours, and Animal. That is sad, I know.
Well, I love tea, and drink tea for water;
snacking on sweeties and chips;
and good company to eat with...
Purple. Did I say that already?
Purple, and cats... Would love to own a room full of fluffy blue-eyed Ragdoll cats, and perhaps a lilac-purple cat too, one day, who knows!

What does Adele like? Paper crafting!

Also : How do you make something for someone you have just "met"?

The theme is Vintage, and I will be "drawing inspiration"* for my swap object(s) from Fashion Vintage Art Posters, and for some reason, Miu Miu. (The big reason is probably Kirsten Dunst.) * that makes me sound a spiritual artist, or artist per se, when clearly, I am not.

I won't reveal my swap-crafting ideas too much, because I think the Element of Surprise is key. Anyway, you are probably reading this, Adele :)

If you are reading my blog (oh, poor you?), and like to leave a comment or two, does that make us Pen-Pals?


  1. Oh Juanita, you have made me laugh so!!! I feel like I am spying on you now!!!

    (rushes away to take notes of more likes/dislikes!)

    Love Dingle.x

  2. Juanita, this post has made me laugh, I defintly needed it, I think we all do from time to time... I like the idea of repeated blog commentators being akin to pen-pals.. its certainly easier to read my bad typing than my bad handwritting.


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