Sunday, February 3, 2008

Homemade Fabric Labels

For *years*, I've wanted fabric labels with my name on it.
But, as you know, I can be pretty frugal about certain things.

Here's a humble tutorial on some fabric labels I just whipped up --
nothing spectacular,
just iron-on adhesives,
translucent fabric,
and a 'background' fabric.

1. This is where it's advantageous to have your logo in colours available in permanent markers.
Scribble logo on the adhesive side of iron-on adhesive.

2. Make an "Adhesive sandwich" --

Iron the adhesive on to translucent fabric. Peel off paper (from iron-on adhesive sheet). Snip logos to size. Arrange transferred logo on 'background' fabric, and iron on. (See, it's an adhesive sandwich, right?)

3. And you get some authentically home-made, and hand-made fabric labels!

Try it, and tell me how yours turn out.


  1. oooh - those are lovely. Great idea. Unfortunately my handwriting isn't good enough to base a logo on, no way! I love your logo btw, it's really cool

  2. what a great idea.. shame I have chicken scrathes for handwriting..


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