Friday, February 1, 2008

We Are Moving: Part 2

Following up on my last entry, "Part 1"...
Two, 3 months.
It really isn't much time.

We've started weeding out items, and it appears that *everything* must go.

I have advertised some items for sale in the university's forum.
If you happen to be in Princeton, and reading this,
keep a look out -- we've got lots more good stuff for sale.

Cat is overweight, and large.
Cat needs larger crate to go by cargo.
Cat will see the vet again, 30 days before departure.
I am stopping myself from thinking about this cat-in-cargo issue.
It can be very heartbreaking.

In the Online world, I've signed myself up in:
Stitch N Bitch Zurich
English Forum
If you are in any of these, say hi!

The tortilla factory will be closed,
by the end of February.
I am fussing over what I should write in this upcoming mailing list --
an email to former juanitatortilla customers,
perhaps to thank them for their patronage.
(But then, so what?
What is it that I want to say, or offer to them?
Will my mail end up in the Junk folder?)

From March till we settle in Zurich ("sometime in April"),
I am uncertain if the tortilla factory will be up and running, again.

One thing's for sure:
There will no longer be Free Shipping.

What say you?

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