Monday, December 3, 2007

Whitewashed Sunday

It snowed, last night. It sure brightens up the place.

We headed out to do our laundry.

Here we are.

The communal laundry room, in its glory, with "Out of Order" machines aplenty.

I slipped the tablecloth from under the dishes, and made us some curtains!

We suspect that being white, Fluffy is an arctic cat.

Guess not. He was begging to be let in.

Door finally opens, to his relief.

And then Fluffy changed his mind.

The only herbs left standing: Rosemary and Mint.
I have my eye on that nest in the bush.
One day, when I go sneak up on it, I'll let you know what I see.

And our Sunday morning is complete, with steaming hot "Pandan crepes" and coffee.

How did your Sunday go?


  1. hey there Ms Tortilla, my Sunday was fab too - no snow in London though.
    Love that blue chair on your porch, and your new curtains of course. You managed all that making plus cooking and still managed to find time to do your laundry? I am impressed!

  2. :)
    Oops, I *knew* I should have clarified that -- the tablecloth-turned-curtains were made on Friday.
    Can you believe what fresh new coats of paint could do to worn out chairs -- we found those chairs at the dump!
    Glad to know your Sunday was great, annieb.


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