Thursday, December 20, 2007

Three weeks before 2008

Days flew by ever so quickly.
The past week was spent keeping tabs on who's received their gift greetings,
most of whom I have heard news from (yay!)
and some I have not.
Revealing some handmade crafties that were sent out:

It was also a week where I had a craving for satay.
The sourish peanut butter + onion sauce was a hit.

Hubs and I had a "durian party" at somebody's house;
we bought the durian from the asian supermarket (who knew?!),
and were made to bring home some remainders.
Immediately, I thought of durian cream puffs.
There was enough pulp (from just 4 durian seeds)
to make us 12 durian cupcakes, and a heap load of cream puffs!

And, as usual, we had our Teriyaki Boy fix on Saturday.
Every Saturday.

And then I also had a craving for wontons.

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