Thursday, December 13, 2007

Felt Apple Toy

My cousin is a mother to 3 young daughters -- ages 6, 3, and 1.
Throughout my nieces' young lives, I am a shamefully absent aunt.
How do I play a 'real' aunt while being on different continent ?... I shall send them gifts!

I've always wanted to make felt toys, so felt toys it shall be.
Everybody, young and old, has got to like felt toys -- they are age-less!

After much consideration to what felt toys I could make
(in a jiffy, to beat the holiday mail dateline),
apples were a 'healthier' option to cookies, candies, and cupcakes.

Now, if you'll let me brag about this apple-making endeavour
with this humble little tutorial:

(1) No precise measurements, unfortunately, and that seems to be the way I work.

  • Apple skin: Snip one "V" broader than the other.
  • Apple core and flesh: Shape of half an apple. (Refer to a real apple, if need be.)
  • Stuffing: 'Bite sized' amount of polyester filling.

(2) Designate broader "V" apple skin as the Top of slice. { That is how most cut apples turn out, based on my little apple-cutting experience. :) }

(3) Sew. Also, this might be a good time to sew on seeds, if you've forgotten to do so, earlier.

(4) One side of apple slice complete.

(5) Stuff with filling, tapering the Bottom edge, a little.

(6) Sew and seal!

(7) Repeat making apple slices as many times as you want, to create a nice-shaped apple.

The view of the Bottom.
{ Not very neat. But if you squish the slices together more, ever so slightly... }

Serve up!


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  1. awh - sweet! (I thought they were little felt mice in the first shot!)

    I know what it is like being an aunt on another continent, hard not to feel absent...


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