Monday, November 5, 2007

Zurich. Part leisure, part work.

Zurich, Oct-31 to Nov-4. It was a short trip that was part leisure, part work.

The Leisure part:
I met up with my old pen-pal, Miriam, in the city of Zurich.
(Miriam took a half-hour flight from Munich!)

.. We spent 2 sunny afternoons walking the cobbled alleys ..

.. Had a lovely quiche lunch with herbal tea at CakeFriends ..
(...when we had just about given up on searching for a place to grab a bite)

In the 2nd evening, we took a quick gobble at an old, fancy vegetarian restaurant, Hiltl.
.. Bio-bier ..

.. There was a reservation placed at 7:30PM, so 35 minutes was all we had ..

.. That's us, Miriam and myself ..
Waiting at Triemli, to take the train to Uetliberg.

A little background information:
Miriam & I were pen-friends in our early teens.
We had our first meet up in Christmas 1999, at her home.
In 2003, we met for the second time on my honeymoon,
en route from Poland to Munich airport.

This Zurich trip makes it our 3rd meet up, in every 4 years, coincidentally.

The Work part:
Hubsy has accepted a postdoctoral position at ETH.
He begins work there next year.

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