Monday, November 12, 2007

We Are Moving: Part 1

Spreading the news
Yes, we are moving to Zurich!
When Hubsy and I made that decision in Zurich, we were probably the happiest people alive.
(We still are.)
While I tried to share this good news, I was largely met with indifference.
(This is probably what you get for being so nomadic.)
In fact, I was faced with the same-old, same-old questions:
"When?!?!", "How long?", "When are you coming back to Singapore (for good)?"

We do not know yet; there would have been an announcement, if we knew.
But, this much I can share: we are aiming to settle ourselves in Zurich in Spring, or early quarter of 2008.
That leaves us just a mere few months to juggle things in Princeton, Singapore, and Zurich.

How long?, and When are you coming back to Singapore (for good)?
You have the choice of an answer: a Considerate response, or the Honest one.

Travel arrangements
Fluffy gets to sit on an airplane with us!
Currently, we are looking for an appropriate -and airline approved- pet carrier for our hefty fur ball.

Image is taken from here, Pet Travel Store.
But before we can plop Fluffy into a carrier, some things need to be done:
One, his rabies vaccination certificate. Done. The shelter did that for us, yay.
Two, a microchip.
Three, get a harness that will actually fit him. The cat-sized one we bought doesn't!Four, allow Fluffy time to get used to the carrier, and harness, and be comfortable in it.
Fluffy isn't going to be happy with this list of things that await him, but, don't you want to go to Switzerland, Fluffy? Of course you do.
Ready to get set and go
With all this talk of moving, craft ideas are spewing out from my ears, and this is yet another case of 'So much to do, so little time'.
I have been on a sewing frenzy. Skirts, mainly.
There is just no point in lugging around stacks of fabric, but there certainly is point in lugging around clothes.

When I am done with my fill of sewing, I will move on to the yarn!
There is just no point in lugging around balls of yarn, but there certainly is point in lugging around clothes, and socks and mittens and hats, etc.

My beading hobby has stalled for a few weeks now, and I haven't made a sale for a month (and still counting).
I am toying with the idea of selling all my beads.
There will certainly be more creative people out there who would make better use of them. I will let this idea steep for a bit, since beads are easier to transport.

This, my friend, has been the latest update.
You will hear more from me, in Part 2.

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