Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Carb-fixing with Cupcakes and Rosti

Six weeks since my last cupcake fix; I couldn't believe it, too.
But guess what broke me out of that cupcake dry spell? Silicone cupcake cups going at $4!

These pretty silicone cupcake cups sure do look pretty.
If only they made washing up an easier task;
lots and lots of scrubbing!
(Despite an overnight soak in water.)

All this alpine talk of picturesque Switzerland has made our tummies hungry to rosti (or
I do recall browsing a recipe book on "Swiss food" in the Zurich airport (but not remembering the title of the book).
For rosti, it went something like this:
Boil yellow potatoes,
drain water to cool,
skin cooled potatoes,
grate them,
fry them.

It sure worked.
I love my fried potatoes with a tonne of ketchup + mustard + black pepper.
What about you?

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