Friday, October 5, 2007

This Friday With Toby

Our neighbour is away for the day, and has entrusted me with her key, and Toby.
This morning, Hubsy and I were eager to have Toby with us,
but the dog couldn't quite share the enthusiasm.
Toby appeared to seem he'd much rather be alone, at his home.
So we brought Toby back,
and he is ever so more comfortable in his tiny doggy bed, than with us.
It's okay Toby. We tried.
Besides, we're just a backyard away.
If he needs anything, he just has to let out a tiny-dog yelp.

Post script edit:
We woke Toby up from his siesta, took him out for a walk, and took his comfy (security) bed, and bone, to our place.

Latch-key Toby no more.

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