Monday, October 15, 2007

Royal Fluffy Bed & Draft Stoppers

I came across a couple of tutorials that would recommend filling a draft stopper with kitty litter or play sand.
Having neither kitty litter nor any sand, I used what I had:
pebbles and cushions.

The couch is overflowing with cushions!
So I ripped 2 fleece cushions (of which I made 3 years ago), and transformed them into draft stoppers.
They fit perfectly; not an inch more, not an inch less, and nothing is left!

Having brought home Fluffy this last Saturday, I decided to make him a bed.
Being all too familiar with the game of 'desperate means and desperate measures',
I skipped the step of ripping open the velvet-y cushion, and used it as the base of the bed.
Transformed one of the white cushions into a tube,
and sewed it as a border.


Ta-daa, Fluffy, the King of the house, can now sit on his royal laureate.
And it fits his carrier too!


  1. Your bed looks great! It must have been tough sewing the pillow to the tube.

  2. Attaching the tube wasn't too bad... It was similar to weaving seams of a knitted fabric!


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