Saturday, October 13, 2007

Princeton Leftover Blanket: Complete

After 9 weeks of crochet and knitting,
sewing the pieces together,
and finally adding a scallop-y, bobble-y border,
we get a blanket.

A "patch of funk" giving authenticity to the blanky's name,
Princeton Leftover Blanket.

While working on this project, I thought there wasn't enough yarn to go around.
The irony: I still have many skeins of leftover yarn!


  1. I love your afghan! It reminds me of a Babette blanket. What a great use of scraps, and what a beautiful combination of crochet and knitting. :]

  2. I love your blanket too - I want to snuggle up in it actually! the colours really work together and I like the assortment of shapes too...

  3. that looks great! i love the way you used granny squares of different sizes! i'm practicing on scarves for now, but can't wait to make my first granny square afghan!

    :) D

  4. i love your blanket and how everything just goes together. i've been working on a ripple crochet blanket on and off, but will still have a fair amount left after i'm finished with it. you've definitely given me some inspiration on what to do with some of the leftover yarn i didn't know what to do with it.


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