Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Princeton Leftover Blanket: Begin Weaving

Wow. How many weeks has it been?

After rummaging the closets for all yarn-y things which I / we don't love,
I unravelled them into usable yarn.
I admit, I got really lazy and gave up unravelling,
and left the 'Princeton Tiger' scarf as it is.
{ Princeton Tiger scarf is that long orange-black stripy thing seen on the right. }
{ The Hubsy *rarely* uses this scarf anyway. }

Thought of calling this project "Princeton went Co-ed in the 60's",
{ Princeton: naturally, as a souvenir / memorabilia ;
Co-ed: because of the girly colours ;
60's: because crochet granny squares are so retro looking.
Also, because that statement is a fact. }
But, I think, this blanket should be appropriately named
"Princeton Leftovers".

Started weaving these squares together.
I've only just begun, and I'm feeling overwhelmed about what lies ahead.

When this blanket is complete, I think I should compile a list of "ingredients" that went into it.

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