Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Foster Day. Everyone, meet Fluffy.

It was my 29th. Hubsy and I spent the birthday lunch at a quiet Masala Grill.
You probably can't see it from here, but the beaded lamp's so pretty.
To walk the heavy lunch off, we adjourned to a pet store.
Who knew? It was Adoption day.
(Gulp. Beware. Helplessly cute critters!)
We returned home with Fluffy, this Ragdoll.
It was such a huge surprise, an out-of-body experience to be exact,
I have yet to catch up with Reality.
I never thought I would ever bring myself to bring home a cat
(oh, I keep coming up with excuses),
what more a ragdoll.
Fluffy was miserable in the store,
and he was just as miserable in the house, for the first hour.

He hid with the shoes for the first 10 minutes.
Hooray for Hubsy, as he coaxed him out of the not-so-pleasant spot with treats,
and we let him sit with us on the couch.
With the slightest sounds, even distant ones,
Fluffy would scoot to his hiding spot.
We assumed his behaviour was the result of having had a long day --
the travelling; the glares and pokes at the store;
not getting along with the other cats from the shelter;
or maybe, he's just traumatised from his previous home, you know, everything bad.
Fluffy was constantly "watching" and "covering his back".
So, to try to put him at ease, we did just that.

He examined his surroundings from this pillow cave,
and we were able to leave our seats to tend to other chores.
No sudden noises though. That'd just send Fluffy back to his frightened state.
The first day's the hardest, I suppose.
Here's Fluffy the morning after.
He has begun exploring more areas of the house,
and is now able to rest "in the open".
He is slowly warming up to us.

Despite the name, this 3-year-old massive lump of soft fur has quite a temper.
But we'll work on it, Fluffy-buffy.
P.S.: This cat is named Fluffy, probably because he *is* fluffy. I would have chosen a dandier name, but since his profile reads Fluffy, and he responds to it (very important), Mister Fluffy it is.

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  1. I thought LP was allergic?

    Congrats on the new cat---if you need tips on good-for-cat, good-for-environment litter and pet food, let me know. (Our kitties use Feline Pine and Pet Promise currently, both of which we recommend. We also used to use World's Best Cat Litter. Organix and Petguard are also good foods that are not junk like Friskies.)

    I didn't forget your birthday! Sorry I didn't call--kept getting swept up in stuff!


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